Madeline has studied music from an early age, starting with the Piano from age 3. The great ‘classic’ composers (Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt) inspired her throughout her musical development, and modern composers such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Harry Gregson-Williams continue to do so today.


Madeline and her husband Chris started a music school in NSW Australia, and it has been running successfully for over a decade. Madeline has had great success over the past 14 years with many of her students progressing on to bands, performance roles, distinctions in their AMEB studies and graduating from AIM and JMC.


Madeline also studied learn Violin & Cello to aid in understanding composition & arrangement. She arranged popular pieces for the Stratford String Ensemble to perform, and conducted the group as lead cellist.


Madeline’s style for her own compositions is focused around creating a soundscape with the Piano. Her pieces paint vivid pictures in the listeners mind, and evoke emotions of calm wistfulness & nostalgia.


During lockdown, Madeline has written and presented The Stratford Music Theory Course for Udemy. She is currently developing and scoring an RPG Music game, creating further courses for Udemy, and looking to publish her music coursebook.