Music Quest is an RPG game currently in development by Madeline Stratford.

Created using RPG Maker MV, Music Quest is a Role Playing Game with a musical theme. 


Players take on the role of a student of music, in the Dodici islands, where the power of music is used to summon the elements.


There are real music lessons laced throughout the game, and many sidequests. Some featuring Beethoven, Mozart, and the likes of many famous musicians throughout history.


You can select certain NPCs to join your ‘band’ and accompany you on quests and duels with other musicians. Some characters are based on real students Madeline has had throughout her 15 years of teaching.

It’s a fun and quirky game, with a nostalgic retro style that all ages can enjoy.

Music Quest Development Blog

With a budget of $0 and absolutely no prior programming or game development knowledge, I have set out to create my own Music RPG.
This blog will show developments as I progress.

Writing original music

Here’s a demo of some different themes in the game. I’ll be composing all original music for everything, except for a few classical pieces featured in the game.


All music is written in Musescore, to keep the soundscape in the retro theme, with a slight 8-bit feel.


Each province in the game has its own unique theme, and key signature.



I screen test each theme alongside the game to check if the theme suits the surroundings, and then edit it if I feel there’s something missing.


This theme is the starter town theme “CeciliaVale.”

I wanted the theme to sound warm, and homely. Calm, gentle and like the awakening of new beginnings. The soundscape to accompany the players initial growth. 


I chose the Piano to have an underlying bass chord progression to add the warmth, with a sustain pedal to keep it smooth and gentle. The glockenspiel keeping a moderate tempo without being too heave. Also reminiscent of a clock ticking.


The Flute and Piano melody have a call and response.
The Flute being a nice and light, “flighty” instrument to represent ascension.

Musical Education

It’s very important that there are musical education themes throughout the game.

The primary purpose for developing this game, is to show just how easy it can be to start learning music, to those who haven’t tried before.
For those who already have music experience, it will be a fun way to revise, and use their knowledge.

I’m adding little exercises as you level up through the game to unlock new music (magic) for the characters.

I figured if I can still remember the names of all 150 original Pokemon after 20 years, then it can’t be that hard to remember things you learn in a game!