stratford music theory course online learn easy beginners


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This online Udemy course has everything you need to learn the fundamentals of Music.
Your personal tutor Madeline will guide you every step of the way, to give you a real 1 on 1 learning feel.

What is Theory without Practical components?

This course includes practical sessions including writing, drawing, listening, movement, rhythm and ear training.

Madeline has created this course to suit adult learners, and self motivated teens from 15+.
You don’t need to have an instrument to do this course, or have even played one ever before.


This course will suit:


  • Music enthusiasts who want to take their first step into learning about the Musical world.
  • Students who at one time played an instrument but need a refresher.
  • People who are currently learning an instrument, but haven’t touched much on the Theory side of music.
  • Students preparing for a Music Theory Exam Grade 1.
  • People who have tried to learn Music on their own, but would prefer the guidance of a professional tutor.
  • Kids (8-12yrs) who have started learning an instrument, and have a parent that can help guide them.
  • Younger teens (12-15yrs) who have a strong interest in music.
  • Any adult keen on music.
  • Seniors who are interested in developing new skills, or have studied music a long time ago.
  • Seniors who are learning an instrument, but want to improve their overall music knowledge.

The content in the course is yours to keep, so you can go over it as many times as you need.
There are over 80 downloadable .pdf resources that include interactive worksheets!



In Chapter 1, we’ll be getting to know our Musical Alphabet from scratch, and seeing what kind of patterns are often in music. We’ll explore what different sequences look and sound like, with demonstrations.

In Chapter 2, we’ll uncover the mysteries of musical notation and how it came to be.
By the end of this chapter, you’ll be able to read Treble & Bass Clef notation; as well as understand ledger lines, note stems, the importance of Middle C, and we’ll even do some ear training.

In Chapter 3, we’ll be looking at the different relationships between notes alphabetically, and graphically.
We’ll explore the different sounds that intervals create, and train & test your ear to see if you can tell one from another.

In Chapter 4, we’ll discover the reasons as to why Sharps, Flats, & Naturals exist, and their role in music.
We’ll study a well known piece to see and hear them in action.

stratford music theory course online learn easy beginners

In Chapter 5, we’ll identify the driving force behind pieces of music, and use the Major Scale Formula to create and discover scales from scratch. We’ll listen to and analyse Semitones & Tones with some Ear Training.
I’ll demonstrate how Semitones and Tones work on a variety of different instruments.

In Chapter 6, we will demystify the Circle of 5ths, and even build our own.
I’ll demonstrate and explain how everything you’ve learned so far comes together in creating the entire musical system of Key Signatures. By the end of this chapter, you’ll know how to read, write and recognise all Major Key Signatures.

Chapter 7 is test time!
I’ve written a little test so you can practice everything you’ve learned so far.
The test is written in the same format as proper Musical Examinations around the world,
so you’ll get a feel as to what it’s like to sit a Grade 1 Music Exam.
I’ll go over all the answers and explain everything with an accompanying video.

Chapter 8 is all about rhythm, a very physical chapter indeed!
I’ll guide you every step of the way, and play along with you through the Rhythm Training pages.
We’ll build you up one step at a time.
By the end of this chapter, you will have experienced and practiced a range of different rhythm combinations.

Chapter 9 is test time again!
Here we’ll be testing your rhythm knowledge, with a paper written similarly to the Graded Music Exams.
I’ll go over all the answers and explain everything with an accompanying video.



Reviews from Madeline’s students:

“I have been learning piano with Madeline as my teacher for almost 7 years now. She is extremely talented but also very patient. Her love and passion for music is contagious, and over the years I have found myself enjoying piano more and more. The learning style is very intuitive and understanding based, I have never felt confused while she is explaining even the more complex musical concepts. She builds your knowledge and practical skills up over the lessons, and always has a different approach/explanation if you are finding something difficult. She has been the greatest teacher and also a dear friend to me, and I believe that there is no student that wouldn’t absolutely love piano, given Madeline as their teacher.”
– Finley M


“I have been learning piano with Madeline for 1 1/2 years. Starting something new, for me, was daunting. The teacher will make the experience. The environment will make you feel at ease or not.

Madeline made me feel comfortable at the beginning of the journey and got me to focus on the steps within my ability; not where i thought I should be. Madeline is clearly a lifelong pianist, which as a student you are in awe of. It is her knack of breaking things down in the simplest ways that makes the experience fulfilling and enjoyable.

As a 43-year-old father, who took piano up during COVID, for something to do, I am still learning piano because of Madeline.” – Richard B


“Madeline is an amazing teacher. She is highly skilled and responds to my individual needs as a student. As a mature age student, I find Madeline’s teaching style calming, respectful, challenging and motivating. I ALWAYS look forward to my weekly lesson!” – Dr Jennifer F


“If you are looking to start music lessons, I highly recommend Madeline’s course at Stratford music. Madeline is an excellent teacher for both either kids and adult learners. She is patient, encouraging and supportive in her approach to teaching. Madeline has excellent knowledge of music theory and she is an exceptional musician. She puts a lot of thought and planning into developing her students skills and their love of music.” -Rani G


“I started learning piano with Madeline after I retired. Madeline structures my learning to suit my level of ability, and moves me forward each week, keeping my interest whilst increasing my knowledge. I really enjoy my lessons each week. Thank you Madeline!” Maxine W


“Madeline has been piano tutoring my son for over two & a half years. Her patience, knowledge & ability to understand his capability & level of understanding has enabled him to successfully progress onwards and upwards. She lives & breathes everything related to music, which has enabled him to grow musically too. Her extended effort organising interactive annual concerts, for all students at her school is an incredible & welcoming addition to tutoring.” Phillipa B